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Get your first US visa appointment India, find out what you need to do to get an appointment for your visa application. Meanwhile, is this your first US visa application appointment or the second, or third? whatever, let’s make this the last for this first application. You should make sure you read word by word for easy application, submit all the forms given as at when needed, find out the exact time to go and what to go with.

The United States is one of the best countries to travel to when in search of a greener pasture, in fact, it is the best place to live. Moreover, if you ever get a visa permit or permanent residence permit, then you can be able to live there safely, also be able to invite your family members to come visit you.

Well let’s not talk much about the things you will enjoy once you apply for a United States of America visa because I trust you know already, but the most important thing is that you will find out likely what you need to have as an individual to apply for a visa to U.S and also the US. visa appointment India, well if you are in India then this information here will be strongly useful to you.


Basically, a citizen of any country like India who wishes to move or visit the United states must, first of all, apply for a visa. He or she will however have to choose the kind of visa that best explains the purpose of his visit. For those intending to relocate to the US, they will have to apply for U.S immigrant visa, however, for those intending to visit, there should be to apply using the nonimmigrant visa

Now, applicants for a US visa will be invited and if you are applying from India then it should be your call for US visa appointment India. Applicants will have to appear at the embassy in person, although you will be the one to schedule (book) an appointment for your interview, you can do that online or simply use the call center online to do that. Some other fellow will prefer to do that at the embassy.

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Bonus Points for US Visa Appointment India

Here are the things all applicants should note while US Visa Appointment India:

A. The applicant should make sure he or she booked an appointment using the registered email address which should be accessible all the time

B. More so, for US visa appointment India form, you can get that online or from the embassy, also you can book an appointment using their call center.

C. On no condition should you miss your appointment.

D. Also, the applicant should note that punctuality is an added advantage.

E. Moro so, you should be honest enough to convince the officer that you are traveling for a good purpose.

F. For those applying based on health challenges that might be threatening, their procedure for booking an appointment and having your interview is very different.

G. All the documents used in applying may be needed, so likely come along with it.

H. Be there before the interview time begins.

Supporting Documents for US Visa Appointment India

To book a nonimmigrant appointment for a US visa, you must have the following documents and information:

  • Your visa application receipt of payment from the approved bank.
  • An international passport that is still valid to travel to the U.S with a clear visibility of the date at least six (6) months beyond the date you wish to stay in the United States.
  • More so, if more than one person is applying for a visa then each of the applicants must present their own visa.
  • You must come with your DS-160 confirmation page
  • A valid email address
  • required documents based on visa class.

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General Note

This information is not just for those for US visa appointment India, it is also applicable for anyone who wishes to travel to the United States. more so, before booking your appointment, you must be sure that you have done all other registration and application required. If there is any issue, be ready at an instant to make corrections before the interview date.

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