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Let’s make a review on the top colleges in UK presently, I believe this will help you know where to get your child admitted to. Also, you will need to know at least a minimum of 5 ranked universities in the UK plus how to get scholarship admission.

Getting your child to school at one of the best schools in the UK should be one purpose in your mind. Let’s assume you have the money, then you should be thinking of sending your child to one of the top universities in the UK, Look at OXford university, what about Cambridge etc. these are just not ordinary institutions but one that has proven themselves thousand times more. Moreover, there are scholarship opportunities too for those who may likely not afford their tuition fees.

Academic pursuit is one of the dreams in a child’s world and also one of the parent’s obligations to a child he or she loves. This is to make the child more confident in himself when in contact with others. Records have proven so many times that children which are raised in a high proven schools perform better than their counterparts.

Alright let’s not digress from the major purpose, so we are here to show you the Best Global Universities in the United Kingdom, you can be sure that any of the schools you will be finding here is simply nothing but the best, so let’s go right now.

Top Colleges in UK Presently

The University of Oxford (Dominus Illuminatio Mea, The Lord is my Light)

Top Colleges in UK

Oxford University or the University of Oxford is the highest university in the UK, however, it is a collegiate research college or university in Oxford England. The school had its originality far back to 1096 in the Oxford United Kingdom. Meanwhile, record has it that the school is the oldest university in English-speaking countries and the second world’s oldest university. Although this is not the reason for their outstanding records, but rather a consistent interest in producing effective graduates. You can apply for admission for yourself right now or for your child, so go to their website at

University of Cambridge

Top Colleges in UK

You cannot afford to remove the University of Cambridge as the second in the list of the best universities in the UK, in fact, if not for a little record, she and OXford would have been sharing the same space as the highest university in the UK. However, to enjoy what is called a peaceful academic pursuit then you need not to go to no other place other than to Cambridge, in fact, this school has Cambridge university was founded in 1209 and it was then granted a Royal charter by Henry 111, moreover, you can as well consider this great institution as the third-oldest surviving university. Cambridge is ranked among so many other Prestiugios universities when comparing it with other universities around the world. moroeoever, it has so many other affiliations like The Russel group, EUA, LERU, Golden triangle etc.

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University College London

Top Colleges in UK

We are looking at the present top university colleges in UK, you have seen the first and the second, now the third is the University College London. UCL (University College London) is a well-known public research university in the United Kingdom, a memeber institution of the federal university of London. Moroever, the school has it records to have made it appear as the twentieth U.S. News & World Report Ranking. You can find out how to apply for an admission from their website right now, go to to apply for an admission right now.

Imperial College London

Top Colleges in UK

Meet imperial college London, one of the top colleges in UK, in fact, it is the fourth in the list, moroever, the college is a college of sceince, technology and medicine and public resarch institute in London. More so, the mperial College Business School, is a subsidiary of Imperial colege of scienec, to find out more about this university or to start your admission application you should visit wbsite now.

University of Edinburgh

Top Colleges in UK

University of Edinburgh is one of the top coleges in the UK and also one of the best universities in the world today, the university is, however, a public research institution in Edinburg Scotland and has been in oppression since 1583. OK, being that old you should also consider it as the sixth oldest university still in continuance in the world. Apply for admission at the University of Edinburgh on their website at

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