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Ready to move to Singapore? The Singapore government scholarship requirements for students applying for scholarships from different are now mentioned in this guide. As you are on research about the scholarship, find out all that is required from you.

Hello! International students now apply Singapore government scholarship for foreign students. This opportunity was created to attract Masters and PhD levels students into Singapore for well educative programs that will change their entire life for good, This is the time to grab an opened affair that will pay you off for the rest of your life.

Talented and academically skilled students apply Singapore government scholarship for foreign students because it is the new legalized way provided by government of Singapore to invite foreign students into their own country for proper view of their environments and learning at same moment. Only aspirants of postgraduate studies are qualified to commence this study as it is.

As a matter of fact, the application is open for all interested eligible students. Hope you know that Singapore government scholarship requirements demands that you be an international student studying in any recognized Singaporean universities. Here is how to apply Singapore government scholarship for international students. The 2023 application session is already here.

However, it might interest you to know that Agency for Science, Technology, and Research is the government organization of research that is facilitating the scholarship scheme for all worthy research students. That is the reason for allowing only postgraduates. So, an avenue to further and complete your studies without fund is already around the corner. Are you eligible?.

Quickly, explore all the qualification criteria set every year for aspirants. More than 950 scholarship awards were awarded in the previous years, what will happen this year? Don’t you wanna be included to the number of students that will enjoy enough academical, potential, physical, and psychological development? Your level of compliance will depict how serious you are.

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Available Degrees

For postgraduates only!. That is to say, only Masters and PhD degree certificate will be certified to all candidates provided that they demonstrated successful skills during their research programs here. However, over 240 students will be awarded from different countries of the world.

Place of Study

There are universities that are collaborating with government of Singapore to make international students stay in the country memorable, hassle-free, and pressure-free. Their dream is to create an avenue where students will just come and acquire their level of knowledge and go back home with respective reputable results.

Singapore Government Scholarship Requirements

For you to be eligible to apply Singapore government scholarship for foreign students, these are documents and attributes that turned out to be mandatory for all applicants to have in their respective possessions; not collectively.

  • It is mandatory for you to be an international student but your aspiration must be between Masters and PhD studies.
  • In case you don’t know, PhD aspirants are highly mandated to demonstrate good research skills by submitting their Masters degree results with enough research capabilities.
  • On the other hand, each and every applicant must have good English skills.
  • More to that is the fact that every Master’s level entrant must submit Bachelor’s degree certificate to serve as a proof of eligibility.
  • Ensure that all application documents required to be provided by applicants are complete before submitting your own application.

In that case, here is the list of supplementary documents projected here for all applicants.

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Supporting Documents 

Still not denying the fact that you must provide;

  • An English proficiency test.
  • Masters degree certificate and related results for PhD applicants.
  • Bachelors degree certificate for Masters applicants.
  • All transcripts written in English.
  • 2 recommendation letters reports that must be completed and submitted by the referees.
  • A recent passport photo size.

Download Singapore Government Scholarship Form

We are already taking list of candidates that are interested in attaining diverse degrees with this scholarship. So, the application will start in May and end in July 1st, 2023. You wouldn’t afford to lose this opportunity so all eligible students should drop their email address in the comment box below to receive application links in their email.

For any other inquiry on this scholarship, the application due date, requirements, list of enrolled applicants, and the rest of them, let us hear from you in the comment section below.

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