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This ongoing Scholarship for orphans is a Uk, Japan, and US-based scholarship for lusophone, francophone, and anglophone Africans. Whoever will apply for this scholarship must be an orphan. And that means, either your mother, father or parents died. In the right sense, the Ashinaga Africa Initiative scholarship is only for bereaved Africans. Moreover, if you belong not in the aforementioned countries listed and you are an orphan then you are welcome to try your luck.

Although being an orphan should not be an essential factor for not furthering your studies. If you work hard as an individual then you can see yourself through school. However, if you cannot do that, then, here is a scholarship for orphans packaged for you. so don’t worry, you will now go for the profession that makes you happy and on the other hand, travel to the participating university for free. We feel very happy to inform you that there is free U.S, UK, and Japan visas as an addition to this wonderful scholarship but that is if only you will pick up the form now.

However, note now that this scholarship for orphans is a fully-funded scholarship opportunity meaning that nobody has the right to obtain any money from you. You as well should not make the said mistake of paying anybody to keep a slot for you. As a matter of fact, note that our scholarship is only meant for university applicants and that is individuals that have finished their secondary school and have their national diploma and school results with them. Most importantly, we select students who performed remarkably in their secondary school with evidence of grade-A results.

Above all, only Africans serve the right to apply for this ongoing scholarship for orphans. Therefore, if you need this fully funded scholarship for Africans, you have to ensure that your parent’s death certificate is still with you because that will be one of the requirements needed to apply otherwise your application will be automatically nullified. We need proof of their death(s) ASAP. More to that note, all the required documents listed on the site we will be showing you must be photocopied because any submitted document won’t be retracted. So get ready to do this ongoing scholarship for orphans. It’s a 100% paid scholarship.

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We Introduce to you Ashinaga Africa Initiative 

Scholarship for Orphans

Ashinaga has a very basic common goal of raising common Africans, one of their scholarship program is structured to offer an extensive enlightenment to performing students, especially orphans in Africa precisely. With this scholarship, they will conquer all civil ignorance and trials. After sponsoring them through their dream they must be willing to return to their country so as to impact what they have learnt including independence, justice performances, and virtues among the beings in their respective localities. Therefore, do not proceed in applying for this innovative scholarship for orphans opportunities if you are not from Sub-Saharan Africa or from the listed countries.

Countries Eligible to Apply

All the Africans, the Sub-Saharan countries can now inform their own. Not just Africans can apply for this scholarship, but Sub-Saharan Africans too. However, while filling out the form, they are to indicate the part of African country they are coming from. So, make sure you meet up with your own country’s requirements before applying. In as much as you might come from francophone, anglophone or lusophone, you can still apply because all are considered.

Scholarship for Orphans Fully Funded

This here is one of the opportunities you are waiting for with this scholarship application form for scholarships for orphans. The form is in the link below, now, after you must have explored the website and confirmed your eligibility, the next thing we suggest you do is to log on to their website at

This page will show you all help, guide and then, the space to apply for the scholarship. On the other hand, you will see on the said website a place to attach your passport and other documents. So, rush now to Ashinaga Africa Initiative application portal to apply for this scholarship for free.

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