How to Recover Access Bank Online Password And Login Access

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Congratulations! all Access bank customers because you can now recover Access bank online password access and then change your password if you ever loose it. However, for your best interest, you will need to make sure that you are in possession of your account number and also the upgraded Access more app before this can be conducted.

Just like our name is “Access” we promised our customers that they will always enjoy easy and quick access to their accounts online and from the app, moreover, our internet banking structure was introduced to make sure this interest is birthed. Meanwhile, the simple way of gaining quick access to your Access bank account is via the Access More mobile app and through Access online web. In ether ways, you must be sure you have a valid details to login to your online platform. Therefore in order to help us maintain a strong security, you will have to download Access bank app and then create and note your login details.

More so, you will have to note that, the Access mobile app is far different from the online platform which means that there is a complete difference in purpose between the two of them. Use your Access bank apk to do mini transactions like making transfers, paying bills, checking your transaction history, checking account balance, and equally recharging your phones. But the online platform aids you manage your access in a larger way, in fact, with the online account, you are very much good to go when it comes to managing your account, however, for easy access to your account, the app is better.But mind you that you can recover access bank online password even if you lose access.

Now, to gain access to your Access bank account online you will need to use both your account number, password, and username. The registration will perhaps not be done by you but by your account officer. But after that, you will be given a login password and username plus an instruction on how to log in. However, if you ever lose that in the future, there are chances left for you to recover access bank online password. Moreover, changing or recovering Access bank account login password is relatively fair and easy.

Soonest, you will be getting a new password, but before that, you must note that, you will need to provide some answers to some questions which you provided while registering your account, Mind you, the Access bank online platform and the mobile is relatively different and the way of recovering their login details is quite different.

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What You Need to Get Back Access Bank Password

  • Study the following because they are your keys to recovering your first bak login password:
  • User ATM card PIN
  • Account number
  • Last four digits of your credit card number
  • The new password.

Note: If You prefer using your token to fetch a new password for yourself, that will still be fine.

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Easy way to Recover Access Bank Online Password

Provided that you want to recover your login details as an eligible access bank customer then you will be following the instructions below carefully:

Recover Access Bank Online Password
  • Launch the Access bank mobile app which is already registered to your device.
  • You will have to enter our account number in the space provided for it
  • Skip the column that requests for your password since you don’t have it.
  • Go to the forgotten password and click on it.
  • The next page will pop up. but then ensure that you have a steady quality data connection so that you complete this easily.
  • select the verification medium of your choice, either with the Token or Card details.
  • Enter now your card’s last 4 (four) digits, account number, card PIN, and new password, re-enter the password in confirmation of what you want.
  • The phone number or email related to your account will receive an Access bank verification
  • code.
  • Provide the code in the next column and finalize your changes.
  • You will be re-directed back to the login page, now login with your newly created password. and that will be all.

Am glad you were able to recover Access bank online password, so what’s next?

How to Secure your Password (Bonus tips)

There are some precautionary steps you will have to take so as to prevent you from losing your access and then applying for an account recovery all the time,the bonus tips below can help you a great deal:

  • Never login to your online account on public computers or other devices.
  • Maintain strong protection while entering your password during any login.
  • Never, use another person’s phone or computer to register your account.
  • On no condition should you try signing to your access bank account using another person’s device.
  • Finally, do not hid to the desire to click on remember me while signing into your account, to avoid being accessed by a stranger when you lose such a device.

Hope this guide on how to recover access bank online password was helpful? Ask your questions below.

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