How to do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration

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This is how to do JAMB regularization for NYSC registration; launch your web browser to go to the JAMB page for the registration that is already shown below. But before that, make sure that all these requirements as stated below are all available for the JAMB regularization procedure.

JAMB uses this regularization to check-in all Nigerian graduates that got admission into tertiary institutions through the pre-degree program and didn’t get the JAMB registration form. Also, they take this opportunity to validate the details of students that got admission through JAMB mode but without the JAMB registration number. However, it is generally required that once you are with no JAMB registration form, this late retroactive procedure must be undergone.

Currently, graduates are preparing for NYSC mobilization and for you to be eligible for this next phase, you must be cleared by JAMB. So, if you found yourself amongst students that will do JAMB regularization for the NYSC mobilization, take your time to check out all we have in this guide for you but before we proceed, ensure that you are among these candidates:

  • Want to validate your details in JAMB database if it’s not found.
  • If you got admission but didn’t take a course that year.
  • Students with admission in tertiary institutions without JAMB admission letter.
  • Also, proceed with this if you have no JAMB registration number.
  • More so, change of name may cause you to be cleared through the JAMB regularization.

You can do it by yourself or go to accredited JAMB center instead. How to do it yourself is here for you to read and understand but you can just get the requirements and head over to the center and complete this.

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JAMB Regularization Fee

The regularization fee 2022 is not for free. Some institutions will demand money from their students upon their indemnity form submission but that won’t be added to the general charge from JAMB office. However, the JAMB regularization fee is not less than 10,000 naira. It is called the late retroactive fee because graduates that are with no registration number are now trying to get theirs after graduation.

The JAMB Regularization Prerequisites

The requirements are details and documents that must be active, present, and available during the JAMB regularization procedure. If you must do this by yourself or by the officials, these must be present

Your Personal Details: It is definitely comprising your name, email address, mobile number, LGA, state of origin, gender, date of birth, marital status, O’level results as they appear in your JAMB record.

Details of Institution: The name of your registrar, head of Institution, matriculation number and year of enrollment. More so, details like your matriculation year, graduation year, plus your serial number in your graduation list will all be needed.

If you registered JAMB more than twice and without the same registration number, get the last registration number but if you have none, still come along with other requirements mentioned above.

Current passport photograph.

Get these and move to the next level with us where we will show you how to do JAMB regularization for NYSC registration.

How to do JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration

The JAMB regularization application takes these few steps mentioned below:

  1. Creating a profile with your JAMB email, phone number, and password on the Jamb official page while candidates with an account already will just login.
  2. Login the new account
  3. After that is the payment. Make the 10,000 naira payment into their account using any of the methods mentioned online.
  4. Download the indemnity form and print out.
  5. The print out is the main evidence if your registration. Sign and head to your institution.
  6. Submit to the designated office and wait for upload.
  7. Check your email for upload.

The steps are very simple but you can just follow our idea below to do it yourself if you don’t want to go to JAMB office or any of its accredited office to apply. Doing it from home is a nice choice anyways, it will keep you away from stress, but that is if you know how to render it. Moreover, we got you on this one.

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How to Apply JAMB Regularization by Myself

When it comes to situations like this you should always trust Telexcope, the trusted information blog. These are the steps to take in order to register for JAMB regularization by yourself and online:

  1. Login/create online JAMB account at
  2. On the landing page, you will see Other Services, locate and tap on Late Application on the side bar.
  3. Here is the menu item. You can now see the transaction ID in red ink at this point.
  4. Confirm the transaction ID that is already generated on the confirmation page.
  5. Go through the details on the confirmation page.
  6. Check your email to ensure that a copy of the transaction ID is already sent to you. Save this code, it is very important.
  7. Now, click on the Continue button to choose any of the payment method in making payment. You have the cards to choose, bank, or any of the Interswitch method.
  8. Once done, check the “My Payment Section” to confirm your status.
  9. The status of your payment and unique transaction ID will be sent to your email.
  10. Complete payment will reveal the application form to you. Fill with details and ensure that all mandatory fields are filled.
  11. Print out the indemnity form and sign.
  12. Submit to your institution admission office which will in turn submit to JAMB office in the state of the institution or straight to Abuja.
  13. Keep checking email notification to know when it is uploaded.
  14. Once approved, you have nothing to worry about.

Have you seen how it goes? Use the comment section if you still have questions.

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