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Learning how to close Amazon account online is the best option once you are ready to finally let go of the online shopping website. In this present situation, you know that when an Amazon account is eradicated, it will totally freeze and inaccessible.

But if you insist on having that account deleted, see how the easiest way to close Amazon account online. Meanwhile, this is the best marketplace you can ever collaborate with. You don’t only buy from Amazon but also place your eligible goods for sale. Your product must meet up with the criteria for it to be considered and then put up for sale.

However, attaining every purchase and sale actions are assured with Amazon account. That said, Amazon account declares you a member of Amazon when you personalize a platform. Since you don’t want to have an account anymore, you can delete it just as you created it online. All thanks to Amazon which knew one day, you will desire for account deletion.

Fortunately, an Amazon account is fairly difficult because, you will go through processes just to confirm that it’s an authorized request. In that case, see how to delete account so that you will seize from buying and selling easily.

After account deletion, payment sessions will become difficult because you will repeat entries during payment sessions. If only your information is still in the server, you will just move into the website, pick your order to the cart, and move straight to ordering the goods with your payment details automatically inserted on the columns.

Meanwhile, we can’t halt you from accomplishing your intent. So, this is how to close Amazon account online. Ensure that you follow the exact deletion strategy below.

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Requirements for Deleting Amazon Account

These are what you will need to close amazon account online;

  • A smartphone or PC, depending on the one you have.
  • Quality internet connection
  • Sufficient data plan
  • Amazon login details.

Above are just few details that will be in quest while account is being deleted. So, take them along while approaching the deletion protocols.

How to Close Amazon Account Online

Let’s close Amazon account online for you since you intend to have this account eradicated fully. Take a cool glance at the measures shown below:

  • Open your web browser to log onto
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to hit on the Help option.
  • Hit on “Need More Help?” because only the customer care service can get an account deleted. Due to that, we approaching to Amazon customer care so as to get this account deleted.
  • New page will pop-up. Navigate straight to “Contact us”. Choose the contact address that you wish to contact this service on. Options are Email, calls or chats. Which is your preference?
  • So, make your choice and get ready to answer all the questions which must be asked in order to confirm that this is an authorized request.

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How to Recover Deleted Amazon Account 

A deleted Amazon account is gone and gone for good. This is the exact reason that Amazon users intending to close Amazon account online are always informed on the implications of getting this account deleted.

Every folder, personal information, attachments, sale records, payment information, and rest of them, added to this account will be trashed totally, no turning back.At least this will help you to think twice before making an attempt for Amazon account deletion.

Prior to knowing how to close Amazon account online, when you decide to have sole access to Amazon again, you gonna emerge a brand new Amazon account. I hope you think this through before proceeding.

How to Unsubscribe Amazon Emails

It is a sure bet that Amazon drops at least twice of their newsletters in your email every day. It can be annoying sometimes. I am sure as a member that intends to cut all ties, seeing such email will get you upset. In that case

  • Login your email. It must be the email that you receive Amazon mails.
  • Open any Amazon email.
  • Then, scroll to the button of the message and find the Unsubscribe email.
  • Hit on the Unsubscribe.
  • Here in the new page, we need you to confirm your choice by clicking on the cancel again.
  • Congratulations!. You have succeeded in canceling your Amazon emails.
  • Try it more than once if the emails keep coming in.
  • Hope this idea helped? Drop a thumb up if yes.

Should in case you want to make some clarifications, let us know with the comment box below.

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