How to Apply Visa to New Zealand

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New Zealand is rushed now, when you apply visa to New Zealand you will be among the people that will be processed next for New Zealand visa. What’s the reason behind your travel? You need to find out now because it has a lot to do with your visa type.

Apply visa to New Zealand to adjust to New Zealand in case you want to change environment or refresh your mind in a new place. New Zealand is a place to visit and also one of the countries with high number of foreign residents, so you are free to visit your friends/family with the visitor visa.

New Zealand is a perfect place for rejuvenation, taking academics, living, and working. Foreign people come to New Zealand and stay according to the number of days allowed legally by getting a visa. Only a visitor visa permit citizens of other countries to travel to New Zealand for the purpose of paying one or two visits. You can’t enter the country without a visa.

That is why we have prepared a guide that will offer you a full explanation on how to prepare for the application and ways to take when you are ready to apply visitor visa to New Zealand. Meanwhile, not everybody needs visitor visa to enter New Zealand. There are countries that their citizens can travel with just their passports. Is your country among the visa waiver countries?

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Do I Need only Passport to Enter New Zealand?

You don’t need only passport to travel to New Zealand unless your country is in visa waiver agreement with New Zealand. Others will have to apply for the visitor visa that portray their purpose of travel. Alongside the visa application form, other required documents must be attached to avoid negligence or delay in processing visa.

New Zealand Visitor Visa Application Requirements

We should know some of the documents that is needed for visa application if not all. With the absence of these requirements, your application will not be considered or seen useful.

So, if you are serious about going to New Zealand as a foreigner or temporary residence,

  1. Make sure your passport is still valid and will stay valid after six months prior to your departure from New Zealand.
  2. If your passport doesn’t have up to three unused pages, apply for another one.
  3. When it comes to accommodation, you will provide proof of a place you will stay when you get to New Zealand. Whether it’s a booked hotel or a friend’s place, you will show evidence of that.
  4. Regardless of the moment, provide a new passport photograph or the one captured in the last six months but make sure they covered all the passport requirements for visa application.
  5. A book air ticket that will take you to and from New Zealand.
  6. Will you be able to fund your stay when you get to New Zealand? Prove your stability and capability with a bank statement in the last few months.
  7. For those that are not sponsoring their travel, provide your guarantor’s bank statement.
  8. Birth certificate or any other civil status document that will prove your nationality.

There are other documents that will be needed as additional requirements based on the kind of visitor visa you are applying.

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How to Apply Visa to New Zealand

We will now highlight the information you need in completing your New Zealand Visitor Visa application. Interestingly, New Zealand visa can be applied online and also offline basically. However, it is best to apply in person on paper so that you will get information you need from the immigration officer taking care of your visa.

Regardless of the best, apply New Zealand visa based on your purpose of travel here. Your officer can help you in choosing a visa after hearing the whole story from you ( the purpose of travel ).

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