How to Apply Science Leuven Undergraduate Scholarship

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Getting ready to apply Science Leuven undergraduate scholarship? See how and where to apply it when the requirements are met because being one of the enlisted candidates will offer you the opportunity of studying as a full time student at Leuven university.

Science Leuven scholarship at Leuven university is a grant that supports students to start and complete any of the science subjects that is their dream course. It is specifically for Masters aspirants. So, you are free to apply if you are targeting Masters level as you next study level.

Chemistry, Physics, Geography, and Statistics are eligible subjects offered under this Science Leuven scholarship at Leuven university. Students are called upon to apply now as it is available for only postgraduate researchers. With a good English skill, you will be able to apply for this life changing fund. Interestingly, it is a scheme designed for international students.

In that effect, you are free to apply for Science Leuven scholarship at Leuven university if you studied either of the science subjects in your previous degrees. Note that, it is a no-fee application that is taken online. So, head onto the application page if you are free to proceed the Masters level at Leuven university and in any of the mentioned subjects.

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Available Subjects

Science subjects are basic courses taken at Leuven university with this scholarship. If you are ready to take this award, you must be a Masters study applicant that is going for one of these subjects;

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Statistics.

When either of these is your dream course, the next qualification is to meet up with the criteria mentioned below.

Qualification Criteria

These are the criteria that make you qualified for this award program. Aside from the fact that you must be an international student, here are other information you must take note of;

  • You must be a student that has been in a Masters faculty.
  • Have a good English speaking skills.
  • Ensure that you have not studied at Leuven university before.
  • Also, applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree that is qualified enough to take them to the Masters programme.
  • Excellent student’s result of your last degree programme will also be needed to make you considerate for the Masters study.
  • The applicant must have never acquired Masters or PhD certificate since lifetime.
  • You must have a good attitude that will prove you as a good ambassador for the programme.

Don’t apply for Science Leuven scholarship at Leuven university if you are not able to meet up with these requirements.

Study Duration

It is a 2 years duration that every applicant must participate fully in. Prior to that, you must enroll for a full time program as a full time student. So, hope you are ready to take the study fully, without disruptions.

Place of Study

All the students that their applications were evaluated and got enlisted will take their study at Leuven university which is located in Belgium. All the duration will be consumed in Belgium.

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How to Apply Science Leuven Undergraduate Scholarship

After you have enrolled for a Masters program at Leuven university, write down a complete list of the courses that you received credit in the past year. Write down the course size and the result received from the course title indicated. Note that you will bring a summary explanation on the meaning of scores received in the courses.

Write a short note on the courses from your previous degree that you found relevant most. It should be about one half to one page. Along with these, provide a motivation letter and two reference letters from internationally certified professors.

Visit to submit these documents and fill the masters form. Received applications will be indicated via email. So, all selected students will be informed via their email. Therefore, check up your email from time to time.

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