How to Apply Netherlands Tourist Visa

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Apply Netherlands tourist visa by submitting your Netherlands tourist visa application form at the application portal. if you want to travel to the Netherlands for vacation and also stay up to ninety days, this is the visa for you. Do you know that this Netherlands tourist visa will allow you to freely explore the Netherlands and other Schengen countries within the given days?

I know you must be shocked to know that a Netherlands visa will not only permit access within the Netherlands but also to other Schengen countries. The Netherlands is one of the Schengen countries and with the tourist visa approved for accessing the territory, other territories within the Schengen category will be accessed. However, it will work when you are traveling for the same goal – Tourism, Work, etc.

However, this visa is also called a short stay visa because it will only permit not more than 90 days within 180 days in the calendar. If you are going to the Netherlands to stay less than 90 days with the purpose of sightseeing, meeting friends, and hanging out with family members/friends, this is the visa for you.

In no time, you will see how to complete a Netherlands tourist visa application by yourself. Meanwhile, not every country will their citizens need a visa to enter the Netherlands. Some countries can come into the country, access within the Netherlands, and across other Schengen territories without a visa. If you want to find out the nature of your own country, click here.

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Netherlands Short Stay Visa

Some elements determine whether you need a visa or not. Your nationality, the destination you are applying for the visa from, and how many days you will stay are the factors that prove how eligible you are for a Netherlands visa. If you are holding dual citizenship, the national passport you are using for the visa application has a long way to stay in concluding your eligibility for the Schengen short stay visa or Netherlands short stay visa.

Nevertheless, the visa advisor you will meet in the Netherlands embassy will clarify that. They will also advise you on other travel information you will certainly need for this travel. They also have a long way to go in choosing your visa type.

What is Netherlands Tourist Visa?

It is a permit that allows free movement within the Netherlands and other 26 countries for less than 90 days or exactly 90 days. This is a travel visa that allows you to travel to any of the countries and stay for specific days within 180 days. That is to say, if your visa expires, you will go back to your hometown without extending your visa again and stay for another 90 days before applying for another Schengen visa to return to the Netherlands or other countries. Discover the Schengen visa requirements.

Netherlands Tourist Visa Requirements

It is the same requirement for every other Schengen country’s tourist visa. Generally, the same documents are provided during the application for any visa that is taking you to o Schengen countries. Some of the papers that are already sure of being present are:

  • A passport that still has up to two blank pages won’t expire before your return to your home country. That is why it won’t be accepted if it will not be valid for up to three months after your return.
  • New or recent passport photographs.
  • A document that will prove your civil status.
  • Proof of where you will stay when you get to the Netherlands.
  • A cover letter stating why you want to enter the Netherlands, what you plan to do, and so on.
  • Proof of your finances.
  • A round ticket, and so on.

Other documents will be made known to you when you meet a visa advisor in Embassy. There may be additional documents based on your purpose, duration of stay, and nationality.

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How to Apply Netherlands Tourist Visa Online

Where and how you apply for the visa differs from where you are applying for. We suggest you go to the Netherlands embassy in your country to apply for the visa, also, Other information will be clarified when you visit the embassy.

  • But if you want to foresee the application, start the application online when you go to
  • Choose your country.
  • Click Next.
  • It will continue until you provide all your information.

False information will cause you to lose this round. Remember that every piece of information in the application form will be the same as the ones in your supporting documents.

In case you need another visa, let me know in the comment box below.

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