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Time after time, people search for how to apply China Visa online because China is among the most visited countries. To be honest, there are so many reasons that can make you run China visa application such as traveling to see family or friends, attending Chinese school, traveling to have fun or business.

So far, it is recorded that people travel to China for business mostly. This country builds potential businessmen and also has the top industries in the labor market. People come from all over the world just to do business in China. Some even leave their countries and enter China for business. That is why the Chinese language is among the most studied languages in most international universities because Chinese people love to do business with fluent international business partners.

Apart from learning the language before you travel ( if it is a long-term stay ), an international visitor needs a Chinese visa to enter the country. This is where you need a guide like this to be able to apply for a China visa with complete documents. Also, it is important to discover your eligibility for the China visa-free policies since there are countries where their citizens can travel to China without a visa. If you are among the eligible travelers, leave the visa application, and focus on other needed documents.

Generally, a China visa applicant needs to get ready these documents:

  • Presently taken photo passport
  • A passport
  • Transportation tickets for all-around trips.
  • Hotel bookings depend on your travel purpose.
  • Sufficient funds and the rest.

The supporting documents are the ones that will undergo an immigration check before any applicant or visa holder enters a China traveling airplane.

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How to Apply China Visa Online

We will take the guide step by step so that you won’t have any reason to complain or misunderstand.

  • What is your travel purpose?

A traveler that must travel by air ought to know the travel purpose because this is the factor that determines the type of visa you must apply for. Purposes that make people go to another country include:

  1. Taking a course in a prestigious university, scholarship, or need for a change of study environment.
  2. The bad economy in the parent country.
  3. Traveling for vacation, having fun, or exploring locations.
  4. Sightseeing for discoveries and projects.
  5. Starting a new business or starting another business branch in another country.
  6. Employment offer.
  7. To live with your family or travel to start a family in another country.
  8. Passing through a country, and so on.

These mentioned purposes and lots more are the reasons that can make you search for a visa application guide or visa application portal. These same reasons will determine what type of visa you should apply for because China has visa types according to purposes such as L-Visa for tourism, and so on.

Once you discover your travel purpose, visit here to learn the China visa types and the one to go for.

  • Do I Need China Visa?

Yes, not everybody needs a China visa to enter China legally because there are countries that signed a China visa-free policies and agreements with China. Once you find your country is the visa-free travel list, prepare other documents. They are mentioned below:

  1. Recently snapped passport photo.
  2. A valid passport
  3. Transportation tickets
  4. Sufficient funds and other documents will be revealed during your application.

Ensure you get them for an immigration check.

  • Prepare the travel documents

When you meet such instructions, your first question is always “what and what is needed to have a complete China visa application?” Well, I must let you know that the documents to provide depends on your visa type, but generally, you need:

  1. A China visa application form that is correctly filled with relevant information as requested by the form with no blanks
  2. A currently captured photo passport will be attached to the application form. You will be bareheaded unless, for religious purposes, the size must be 48mm x 33mm.
  3. A passport that is not expiring anytime soon. It will stay up to extra six months.
  4. A place to stay when you enter China. It can be your family residence or a hotel. When it is a hotel, you will provide proof of hotel bookings.
  5. Receipt of your air flight ticket payment.
  6. Details of your activities when you get to China.

If it’s for business

  1. Get an invitation letter from the Chinese company that employed you or registration documents of your business if you are going for your own company/brand.
  2. Other documents will be communicated to you during the application.

For Students:

  1. An enrollment letter from the Chinese school or university you are going to.
  2. If it is a scholarship, students will show the grant offer, enrollment offer, and letter from the head of school inviting them to the Chinese school.
  3. Other documents that come with a Chinese student visa application will be shown to you during the application.

That is how your documents keep adding based on your visa type.

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  • Your documents should meet your Embassy

Visit the Chinese embassy or consulate serving your location to submit your application form and the supporting documents. Some countries accept mail services. It is either you visit in person, via the mail service, or meet an agent. Try to apply on time to avoid travel delays. Normally, it takes four to five days to process a Chinese visa but it doesn’t always go that way.

  • Take your Visa 

After submission comes the evaluation. The immigration service will process your visa and call you for payment. Pay for the visa and pick it up on the date shown on the printed pick-up slip.


  • You depart from your country to China within three months from the day the visa was issued. After three months, the visa will become invalid.
  • Foreigners cannot extend their visa in their home countries but can do that when they enter China, local Exit and Entry Administration under the Public Security Bureau.

A China visa is needed once you are coming from another country that isn’t in a visa-free policies agreement with China. You cannot apply China visa online, rather, go to the China visa application center, consular, or embassy and submit your application.

After reading this article, you can drop your challenges and opinions in the comment box below.

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