How to Activate FirstBank ATM Card Online

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Activate FirstBank ATM Card Online learn the easy way to do that right now, get your atm card from any first bank branch arround and you then activate it anytime you want, although we will be showing on this page the steps to follow to activate your cards in all the different approved channels.

Firstbank is one of the strongest banks in Nigeria, with presence in all the states and localities and including neighboring countries ( Ghana etc.) The bank offers both commercial services and what have you, more so it has business experts that regularly teach users how to make proper investments and manage their business. Meanwhile, you can apply for a long-term and short-term loan from the bank.

We will be showing you how to activate FirstBank atm card online, but before we do that we will be sure you own a First bank account, mind you, you cannot get an ATM card from first bank when you don’t own an account with them, just consider the atm card as an easy pass way to your money, so apply for first bank account online.

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Major Accounts From First Bank

There are two major account services that you can apply for on first bank, the first one is a current account, see list below

  • First bank Current account – This is best for business and not for salary earner who expects income in the said account only during month-end. Moreover, businessmen and women can consider opening a current account from first bank since they are taking money off and on the account.
  • Savings Account – First bank savings account can be used by salary earners, youths and even children, who don’t regularly perform transactions on the said account. It is also the best for those who will like to save money for future use.

There are ither accounts but these are the major ones, so we will be showing you how to open an account with the first bank on your mobile phone, but after that we are going stright to show you how to activate the firstbank atm card online.

How to Open First Bank Account on Mobile

This is not our major artciles, mind you we are here to show you how you can activate firstbank atm card online but for the benefit of those who don’t have an account but wants to own one, this guide will help them alots, so, let’s go

Wether you have a smartphone or not,just open your phone dial page, that is where you type in a number for calls:

  • type *894# and then send.
  • The next thing you will see is a list of options on what you want to do.
Activate FirstBank ATM Card Online
  • Now select open account, that’s the number 2 in the list.
  • Once you have done that, the next questions is the type of account, now choose a savings account.
  • Proceed to enter your bank verification number,if you don’t have one then you may have to go register one in any of the banks and then come back to enter the number on the space meant for it.
  • proceed now to enter your name and then initiate all entries as required. Once you are done, your account number will be given you.

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How to Activate FirstBank ATM Card Online

Back to base, we wants to show you how you can activate Firstbank atm card online and yes by yourself. You don’t need anyone to assist you just se the steps belowto do that:

  • Go to any first bank branch to first apply for your atm card.
  • This is not free becaiuse you may be charged some mney althouhg not much
  • A form will be given to you of which you will have to fill up accurately
  • Choose the kind of card services you will like to have, like Mastercard, Verve card, or Visa, I will suggest you choose MasterCard.
  • Hand over the form to the customer care representative attending to you and wait for him or her to process your card for you.
  • Once that is done, then you will have to go right now to any ATM Sport close to you to activate the card.
  • Mind you, as the card is right now, you cannot be able to do anything with it except your activate it.
  • When you get to the ATM card,slot in the card on the card spot and then choose other services, select activate card, selected also the kind of card, enter the code on the slip and then the password of your choice. Wait to initiate and that is that.

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First Bank Customer Care Number

You have learnt now how to activate firstbank atm card online, but should in case you encounter any difficulty, you will have to contacts the customer care reps online, 0708 062 5000 is the number for first bank and mind you, you are not to use it to contact any other bank aside for first bank

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