Fully Funded Bonamy Dobree Postgraduate Scholarship

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Apply fully funded Bonamy Dobree postgraduate scholarship to enjoy amazing academic offers and incentives always provided for international students that were scanned and approved. Explore the scholarship requirements from international students for you to apply hereafter.

Gladly, the University of Leeds heeded to accepting students from the outside UK to study a Ph.D. level study in the institution for 3 years. The criteria demand that any applicant considering this scholarship must have obtained or owned at least an upper second class British Honours degree or its equivalent. Honestly, this is the most significant qualification prompted that every student must have.

More so, the qualification must be prior to the subject you intend to apply at your postgraduate section. On the other hand, a handful of students will be nominated. That means, there are high chances of over 500 brilliant graduates being chosen as next beneficiary of this scholarship grant.

So far that you’ve gotten idea and obtained crystal clear information about this scholarship, have you ever asked how you can apply fully funded Bonamy Dobree postgraduate scholarship for outside UK students? If not, check the guide situated here for an appropriate application from a responsible student.

However, before we proceed, it will be an honor to show you all the prioritized prerequisites positioned for students who wish to enjoy a free life study abroad. In as much as you have been certified with a Masters’s degree, it is very important for you to know that your English fluency in writing, listening, reading and speaking English is needed. In addition to that, the score limitation was specified and any student that didn’t get to the limit is ineligible.

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Bonamy Dobree Postgraduate Scholarship Qualification

This is a PhD study and an entrant intending for PhD program should know that there are mandatory requirements from postgraduate applicants. It’s true that you will enjoy grant and bursaries, including other material supports that comes with this scholarship, but it will do you a lot of good to know all the terms and policies guiding the application and scholarship itself, in order to be able to determine your eligibility.

  • First of all, a student that can apply this scholarship is a candidate that it’s through with the Bachelor’s level and Master’s level.
  • Another is that, that same student must have obtained at least upper second class British Honours degree or it’s equivalent.
  • More to that, the student is someone intending to apply a subject prior to the subject offered in the undergraduate degree and Master’s level.
  • Most of all, only international students will apply. Domestic students are ineligible for application.

Participating Universities

Beneficiaries will undergo their 3 years program in UK. The University of Leeds is the Institution responsible for accommodating students for this program. Above all, the University of Leeds is among the leading UK universities. It is the best when it comes to Research programs. Though it was established in 1874 as Yorkshire College of Science but it later emerged as University in Leeds. Hence, known as the University of Leeds.

So, you are covered when it comes to level of academic quality being accessed by the students. Your experience will be second after none because the University of Leeds has several professors that will make your learning experience one in a million.

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Courses Allowed

  • Be ready to choose your specialized subject among the available subjects of University of Leeds because this is an all subject taught program.

Apply Fully Funded Bonamy Dobree Postgraduate Scholarship

Obviously, Bonamy Dobree postgraduate scholarship expired on 1st April 2022 but that doesn’t halt the fact that students can apply for 2023. This is an annual process meaning that repeats itself year after year. So, visit https://phd.leeds.ac.uk/funding/ to apply before 1st April or you leave your contact on the comment box below so that we can always notify you of changes.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

  • English proficiency is prioritized. Hence, an English proficiency text will be conducted by any applicant.
  • On the other hand, during application, all the documents submitted by an applicant must align with the university required documents.
  • In addition to that, Masters degree is the least degree qualification from the student.
  • However, our students must agree to be a full time student.
  • National ID of your country should be ready and wouldn’t be taken for granted because it is the only proof of not being a UK citizen.
  • Your degree must be a qualification received not less than 6 years ago.

We are now happy that you can now apply fully funded Bonamy Dobree scholarship for international PhD applicants. On the other hand, you learned the requirements from any applicant. So, after you must have studied all of these carefully, use the comment box below to clarify yourself if there are misunderstandings. We’d love to hear from you.

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