Felician University Graduate Scholarship Application and Requirements

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Enjoy a free opportunity by joining us to complete Felician university graduate scholarship application. It is a one-in-a-lifetime gift that comes with irreversible happiness. It is time to study abroad for free!.

Do you know that Felician university graduate scholarship application is very simple to initiate? Doing this will help the beneficiaries to enjoy unlimited awards throughout their programs. That is why we have taken the time to reveal the scholarship requirements and also how to apply.

The level of your compliance to the entry requirements will enable you to gain admission into your graduate program first. Then, the admission offer from the university will now issue freeness to the scholarship application portal. So, we urge you to apply for this graduate study in the US for free. Access quality education just like Students of Columbia University, Boston University etc.

It’s fully funded and will attend you in and out just to watch you achieve your goals towards life. We also have you at heart that’s why this Felician university graduate scholarship application is recommended for high motivating students from recognized universities. Hope your past results are all intact?

Your CV, proof of work experiences in your related field of study, and other relevant documents affiliated with the application must be submitted this July alongside the application form to verify the validity of your application and identify you as well. Therefore, follow these guides after going through their prerequisites to do Felician university graduate scholarship application for yourself. No multiple application, no application representative(s), just apply it yourself.

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Supplementary Documents

There were supplementary documents recommended by the management from all interested applicants of this scholarship. If you are already sure of exploiting the scholarship awards and to study in US for free, please apply according to mandates because the level of your compliance issues considerations as well.

  • First of all, your previous academic records and Bachelor’s certificates are among the prioritized
  • Applicant’s CV
  • Digital Passport
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Proof of English Proficiency Test Online: For candidates from a Non-English speaking country
  • These will rocket the consideration level of your application. So, feel obliged to provide all these supporting documents as required by your faculty because requirements vary according to chosen course program/ faculty

Geographical Requirements

There was no specified Nationality for the scholarship meaning that every nation is qualified to forward their students. Global citizens can apply with the exception of US citizens. Others can apply from their hometown and await approval from the management.

Who Can Apply?

  • Any students that crossed the finishing line of the university first level which is the Undergraduate level
  • It’s for graduate studies only and courses recommended are only recognized courses of Felician University
  • Apply Online and study Live in the US
  • Complete your application after gaining admission from the university. Yes! An admission must be offered to the candidate intending to apply before he/she makes a move for the application. This is because your student ID will be needed.

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Felician University Graduate Scholarship Application

Are you ready to proceed with your application now? Then, here we are with the protocols observed during the application. You will first apply for an admission offer from the university. To do that, log onto Felician university portal to indicate on student admission. Also;

  1. Be among students of diverse personality from a different locality
  2. Receive an award of up to $1000 as a scholarship grant every semester till your program is completed.

From the admission portal, you can access the scholarship admission because your Student ID is one of the prestigious eligibility factor for accepting a candidate’s application. Hope you got all as you wanted? Feel free to say your mind in the comment box down there.

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