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Yahoo mail is an email from yahoo created in 1997 to serve the purpose of receiving and forwarding mails. The app provides four unique different email plans which includes the Yahoo Basic, Yahoo Plus, Ad Free and Business email. Getting started with offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best mailing service.

As many as that did create a yahoo mail account, in 2015 did so with the old yahoo user interface. However, the traditional yahoo mail classic preserved the availability of their original 1997 interface.

Moreover, to sign up yahoo account the applicant will have to decide which email plan to go for. Meanwhile, yahoo basic is free, yahoo classic is free, the ad free is also free, but yahoo business mail is not free. To sign up yahoo business mail account, you will have to subscribe for a plan and then observe all premium plans.

However, connecting to any of these plan offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best mailing services. More so, Yahoo Mail has a lot of features that when you do yahoo registration you will be happy you did. Some of the features includes, the drag and drop, friendly user interface, endless storage space, news.

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Features of Yahoo Mail

Here are the things you will enjoy once you create free yahoo account with mobile or pc:

Unlimited Storage

Yahoo has an unlimited storage space, which means users can store up mails, file and attachments without the fear of losing them.


Read up trending news within you locality also find out the recent happenings around the world.

Sign in with your Country Code

Yahoo has an easy login. Sign into your yahoo mail account using your country code to enjoy yahoo features written with your language.


Adjust the calendar and utilize the theme to serve your convenience

Trash Bin

Use the yahoo trash bin to trash files, mails and documents that you no longer need.

Yahoo Mail Plus

Yahoo! Mail Plus is part of Yahoo’s strategic initiative to offer premium services that deliver innovative, reliable and relevant services to consumers

Other Features

  • Spam
  • Theme
  • Yahoo app etc.

These and lots more are what you will experience once you sign up yahoo account. Just in case you are finding it difficult to do yahoo registration maybe because yahoo country code, you will learn how to register yahoo account using the language that you understand.

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Procedures of Creating Yahoo Mail Account

You can start yahoo registration with mobile phone or with pc

To register yahoo with mobile phone:

  • Go to yahoo web page at or at
  • On the sign in page, click on sig up
  • Fill up the form shown you enter – your name, choice of yahoo address, password etc.
  • Insert your mobile phone number and select your country code afterwards.

Yahoo Verification

The next thing you will do now is to verify your mobile phone number. Now, h mobile phone number which you entered in the form above will be verified. How will it be done? will send you an SMS code, of which you will copy out from your phone and enter it on the space provided, so let’s do that.

  • Click on next
  • Accept to receive a verification code
  • Copy the code and paste at the space provided.
  • You are done, click on submit.

Congrats, your account is created. Meanwhile, if you didn’t observe these steps because you don’t own a pc or desktop, below is how to create a free yahoo account with mobile phone.

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How to Create a free Yahoo Account with Mobile Phone

If you have a smartphone like Android phone, iOS, iTunes etc.

  • Open your phone browser and log on to
  • Tap on sign up
  • Observe the steps shown above
  • Accept to verify your account
  • Copy the code sent to you
  • Paste at column provided
  • Tap on submit and wait to initiate.
  • Yahoo Login Procedures
  • Open your internet web browser and log on to
  • Enter your new account email address and your password
  • Tap or click on login.
  • Yahoo Facebook

Sign into your yahoo account using your Facebook account or simply check your mails via yahoo online web. Follow the website above to sign in yahoo online for free.

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