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Apply zenith bank ATM card online or visit any of our branches to get your card, we have lots of cards services ranging from Zenith bank master cards, Visa cards, and lots more others, also learn how to renew zenith bank atm cards too and finish up with the knowledge on how to activate your zenith bank app.

Zenith bank is one of the most trusted banks in Africa with thousand of branches within Nigeria and beyond. I trust you must have seen the CNN news advertising Zenith bank, this is because have grown beyond a local bank to now an international bank.

It’s not too late, you can open a zenith bank account right now to join the moving train or simply apply Zenith bank atm card if you already have an account, also be free from bank stress with the new zenith bank mobile app for mobile phones and PCs. You must have heard and equally seen that those who have both the zenith bank cards and mobile app don’t visit the bank often,reason being that, they can from the app manage their accounts.

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What You Can Do With Zenith Bank ATM Card

Here are the things you can do with both the zenith bank app and the zenith bank atm cards, I trust this will make you hurry to apply Zenith bank atm card:

  • You can use your atm care to make withdrawal from any automated teller machine around you, whether its from Firts tbank, Access bank, GTBank or any bank at all.
  • You can equally use your card to make payments at different shopping malls.
  • Moreover, the Zenith bank mastercard, is the best for making payments online.
  • And yes, you can use the card to make transfers using any ATM stand around you.
  • More so, when activating zenith bank app, your atm card is needed for that.
  • When activating the Zenith bank USSD code,you will need the PIN in yor card to acheive that.
  • If you want to make payment for yor utility bills or purchases services using the ATM stand, you will need your card for that.

So, you have seen the reason you need to apply zenith bank atm card right now, so get ready as we show you different methods that you can use to apply Zenith bank atm card.

Apply Zenith Bank ATM Card

There are two basic ways to apply for zenith bank atm card, the first one is via our branches the second like it is online, see steps below:

  • Visit any zenith bank branch close to you and demand for the zenith bank atm application form.
  • Fill up the form as required and make sure you indicate the type of card you will like to have. There is Visa card, Master card, Verve etc. See zenith bank atm card application form below.
Apply Zenith Bank ATM Card
  • After filling up the form, you may have to attach your passport photograh at the space meant for it.
  • Also pay the available sum of money that will be requested of you and if you dont have cash at hand, the exact money will be taken from your account.
  • Once your are done, your card will be issued to you instantly.

That was very easy, i tiold you it will be , so go now to apply zenith bank atm card in any of their branch within the country.

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How to Apply Zenith Bank ATM Card Online

Here is another method you can use to apply for your atm card from zenith bank, this steps is meant for those who are likely not disposed to come to the branch:

  • Go to and once you are there, choose the card services.
  • Select the kind of card you want Dollar card, credit card, Master card, verve etc. Compare cards to see all their values.
  • Proceed to fill up the form so as to apply zenith bank atm card.
  • Click on submit to forward your form.
  • The online customer care will revwie your request and if the application form was filled correctly then you will have to be called to come pick up your card.

How to Activate Zenith Bank ATM Card Online

The most approved way of activating your cards is via the ATM machine, so if you want to make payments with your card or do ay onine transaction with it, you will have to first activate the card using any zenith bank atm machine around you. You will see the instruction on the machine and then select accordingly as the onscreen guides you, once that is done, then proceed to use your card as it pleases you.

Hope this guide was helful? Use the comment box below to ask your questions.

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