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Believe me! You have caught a guide that will explain how to apply Vietnam Visit Visa to you from the beginning to the end, including helping you find the perfect application center for your visa. That’s a good catch. See the visa prices before making your decision.

We feel veritably pleased knowing that you’re on the preparation for your trip to Vietnam. That’s why an illustrated companion is formerly handed. Meanwhile, there’s no electronic visa operation for Schengen visa, except if you have had your point captured in the last five times.

Traveling to Vietnam still requires a visa, and getting a visa is easy and cheap. However, you must have to apply for your visa at the Consulate General office, If you’re coming from outside Vietnam. Right there you’ll be given other forms that will house your details.

You’ll need to present alongside the Vietnam visit visa application form your bank statement of account, and the invite of the family member or friend in Vietnam that is inviting you to the house in Vietnam. It is the most important document of every visit visa application.

Also, your proof of nationality will be presented, plus your evidence of asset which will prove to the general office in the consulate that you will return after your stay elapses. Looking at the case demanded, there are documents to get ready, a lot of them, provided that you want to enter Vietnam legally. Flashback to if you don’t want to look illegal, follow our routine to get Vietnam visit visa application form to fill.

It will interest you to know that a Vietnam tourist visa is now available for our readers that want to travel for sightseeing. It is proper for you to fetch your purpose of travel first, before getting a visa. Your purpose determines the visa type that is right for you. It also affects the number of documents to provide as attachments to the application form.

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Vietnam Visit Visa Application Documents

I’m sure you’ll like to know what it takes to apply for a visa successfully, so then are the introductory thing you’ll need to have

  • You must download and fill out the Vietnam visa operation form
  • A visit visa needs an invitation, and proof of invitation from someone living in Vietnam.
  • Statement of your account as the aspirant or the guarantor.
  • Health record from your government sanitarium.
  • 2 passport-size snap.
  • Valid National means of identification
  • Birth certificate
  • Health insurance if possible.
  • Proof of asset or proof of schools your children attend.
  • A detailed itinerary.

Who Can Apply Vietnam Visa?

A medically approved someone that is financially stable enough to fund his or her stay in the country since Vietnam doesn’t want anyone to be a liability in their country. You are also qualified if you will come back to your country after staying in Vietnam. For a student, you must have an enrollment letter or offer from the institution you are taking the program.

How to Apply Vietnam Visit Visa

Still, you can visit any of the Vietnam delegacies in your country and collect the Vietnam visa operation form from the general consulate, also after, If you’re ready to apply Vietnam visit visa. Once your operation is done and dusted, the coming thing that will be demanded from you is your biometric data. Your biometric, which includes your fingerprint and other information.

Hope you know that the application form isn’t available online. Ignore other web pages that talk about the disclosure of the electronic form. Simply meet with the Vietnam embassy working in your territory to find out their additional documents for your visa type, provide them and apply.

Vietnam Visa Apply Online

Hope you know that this application is not done online. You can indeed get or download the visa application form from their official visa immigration website but approval and processing of the visa take place at the embassy.

Applicants will book appointments and meet with immigration officers to receive advice and a detailed guide on how the Vietnam visa works. Do your biometric, be cleared on when to return, and receive other passport documents. These things will happen after your visa is processed.

In that case, we wish you luck all the way. Enjoy a stress-free Vietnam visa application. Get ready to travel for a visit, sightseeing, and for other reasons best known to you. You may want to go with your camera to keep memories.

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