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Studying just got easier since foreigners can apply postgraduate scholarship at University of Trieste since. It is encouraged for all international students that wants to pursue their undergraduate program at a recognized university abroad. Here is how to apply for a program that will take you to Italy.

Facilitator of this scholarship is the DIA. This Department of Engineering and Architecture is disseminating encouraging knowledge and zeal of building ideas among students so that they will be able to add to the transformation of this era. Prior to that, postgraduate scholarship at university of Trieste will secure position in Italy for these students.

Therefore, apply now to enjoy this saturated scholarship that disburses sufficient fund among students that won their place to the beneficiary list. It is highly demanded that students from noon-English speaking country must provide their English proficiency test to prove that they are qualified enough for this university. This implies that students must be conversant with English so as to be eligible.

Supplementary Documents

Learn all the supplementary documents that are attached to application form to ensure that application is complete. Attach these documents as a pdf file so that your application will be considerate. Meanwhile, in no consequences will you correct your errors after you have submitted.

  • Copy of your English proficiency test.
  • Additionally, copy of your academic transcripts respectively { Both Bachelor’s and Master’s }.
  • Government-issued ID that will prove your country.
  • Certified medical report
  • Correctly and fully filled application form.
  • Reference letters.

These are the documents that will make up your application file. Interestingly, the application deadline is December 3, 2023. That said, you still have enough time to think about the offer.

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Level of Study

Postdoctoral courses are only available for students and that said that only postgraduate program is considered here. If you are not yet ready for postgraduate scheme or you haven’t reach this level, withdraw and wait till you are ready and fit to commence this program.

Eligible Subjects

Eligible subjects are mainly postgraduate courses recognizable by University of Trieste. Before applying for this Italian-sponsored scholarship, you must access the list of subjects to ensure that yours is also among eligible coursework here.

  • Devlopmental and Adolescent Psychiatry.
  • Architectural History and Preservation.
  • Humanities and Neuroscience.
  • Nationalism and Populism.

Qualification Criteria

As the scholarship is recommended for all students, meaning that all countries can apply for it, there are requirements that you must meet up with and they are already mentioned here. If you must know;

  • Students are required to enroll for subjects recognizable by University of Trieste.
  • You must know how to speak English, how to write, and read the language.
  • Applicants must have interest to study abroad and Italy precisely.
  • Do you know that international students that are applying must fight for an enrollment in the university before they are qualified for this scholarship. That said, you must get an admission offer by the university.
  • Upcoming postgraduates are called to now apply postgraduate scholarship at university of Trieste for free.

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Apply Postgraduate Scholarship at University of Trieste

Apply postgraduate scholarship at University of Trieste to enjoy a free study abroad. Go here >> and fill the application form. Attach all the documents that are required. If the page is open for application, you will observe it yourself but if not, you will be notified on that page.

Enlisted students will study at Italian Academy, Columbia university as a postdoctoral applicant.

For questions, use the comment box below to ask us and we will reply immediately.

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