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Apply Minerva scholarship for undergraduates to invest in your future. The scholarship application period has three phases and we are now on the last phase. You won’t love to miss this last stage. So, use apply for a rigorous intellect development organized by Minerva schools.

In order to change the world, you must have interest to see the world, apply Minerva undergraduate scholarship for international students to learn more about your profession. It is available for foreign students. You will study in Minerva after your application has undergone evaluation process and you also got yourself selected for the award. We offer need-based financial aid so you are highly invited.

Join other interesting and academical potential students from over 50 countries. Regardless of your religion, ethnicity, skin color, gender, and country, equal award opportunity will be given to students that qualify for the program. You just have to apply Minerva scholarship for undergraduates before March 22, 2023. Last application was completed on January 31, 2022 and now, application call is open for students that missed the first roll.

More so, students are to apply for an admission first. Students are free to demonstrate their quest for financial aid so that they will be funded throughout their 4 years in school. In addition to admission freely given to foreign students, freshmen are validated candidates for the assessment. Enjoy the extraordinary contribution rendered to serious, highly inspired, and inspiring students when you finally apply Minerva scholarship for undergraduates.

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Qualified Countries

All the countries, regions, dimensions, and continents are qualified to apply for this university-funded scholarship scheme. We believe that contribution to the life of each and every student will give them the vibe to pursue for greener pasture through a legalized way.

Who Can Apply?

Here is the list of students that can apply for the scholarship and get considered. Aid packages comprising of different award range will be disbursed but only fortunate ones will access the program. Without much ado, this is the information that makes you qualified:

  • Above all the things you might love to know, you must be an international student before application is attempted.
  • More to that, students that apply Minerva scholarship for undergraduates must be freshmen that hasn’t ever received a Bachelor’s degree since lifetime.
  • More so, subjects that students apply must be prior to eligible undergraduates courses recognizable by Minerva schools.
  • Need-blind students are the ones that can launch their career with the help of this financially supportive scholarship.
  • Since you are applying, ensure that your high school diploma is intact since it will be needed for verifying your level of study.
  • Interestingly, international students applying for Minerva scholarship must be between 25 years and 25 years old.

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Qualified Courses

Subjects accessible under the scholarship are all the undergraduate coursework recognizable by the university. Since you are preparing for enrollment this fall 2023, these are documents that must be attached to the application form before submission commences;

  • Current detailed bank statement of your parents that contains last twelve months transactions in all their accounts ( checking, savings, investments )
  • Another one is the statement of the parent’s employment letter stating their monthly salary. Its equivalent is the 2019 and 2020 tax returns W2 forms for both parents.

International students ought to take the comprehensive way of applying for Minerva scholarship for undergraduates which is already mentioned here.

Apply Minerva Scholarship for Undergraduates

Foreign students aspiring for undergraduate program apply for this innovative scheme that possesses comprehensive application guide. Number of documents required from students must be added to the form for successful evaluation of the scholarship. You will fill the CSS form for fall 2023 first at

Then fill the financial aid form and upload the required documents to the financial aid center at Should in case you don’t know where and how to locate these websites, let us know so that we will disclose it to you before application closure.

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