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What’s the level of your mastery in Essay writing? Discover how to apply IvyPanda award to fetch another exclusive award that will help you sort your academic bills regardless of your level of study. This is where your essay writing skill will financially support you.

Ivypanda created a certain award for candidates that are so good in essay writing. All fields of study and levels of study are recognizable by this program. You have to demonstrate your mastery in essay writing so as to get this $500 that will be given each to two winners of this competition. Do you wanna participate?.

Note that the program is exposed to other skilled and talented candidates in many countries of the world. For you to apply, you have to be good enough as it is a merit-based award so your financial status will not be considered. Allow your skills to get you to the position of the runner-up. Most of all, international students that won the contest will enjoy a direct $500.

That is why you must be skilled and equipped enough to involve in the contest. Interestingly, restrictions are invalid so all categories of students are free to apply. The next consideration in line is to discover how to apply Ivypanda award 2023. Meanwhile, requirements of Ivypanda award 2023 are disclosed here for you to be equipped enough for application.

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Who Can Apply?

Startup an application if you are a university student, freshman, or aspirant of a higher institution. Winners will provide proof of course enrollment or proof of academic status in a recognized higher institution before this Ivypanda Essay writing contest award will be fully offered.

That said that you must be a freshman or a current university student before considering the scholarship. Nevertheless, applying IvyPanda award is not as other scholarships. You will compete with other students before you will be declared a winner. This implies that you must be skillful in order to be eligible.

Level of Study

Regardless of your level of study or course taking in the university, the award will be offered to you provided that you demonstrate mastery skills in contest writing, the money is all yours. The core thing to take note of is how to apply Ivypanda award so that you can make your way into this special award for all students in any country of the world.

How to Apply IvyPanda Award

The application is composed, arranged and submitted via email. Ensure that the email platform that you are submitting it from is accessible in case you won and they intend to reach you. It is already obvious that if the email is not accessible that you will not be connected. On the other hand, the application goes this way;

  1. Write an essay on Impact of COVID-19 on education and how to socialize safely during the pandemic. More so, you will add what COVID-19 has taught us about environmental and energy consciousness.

This essay writing must contain word count between 500 – 700 words excluding the header, the title of the essay and other substitutes like works cited page. Let it occur to you that the word must be written in UK or US English and yet 100% free from plagiarism. Please, no copy and paste.

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Ivypanda Scholarship Award Application Form Download

It is mandatory for all applicants to know that the application will be submitted in doc or docx format. More to that, it must have at least three cited on the works cited page. Then, go to your social media page and follow Ivypanda Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

Like and share their post in your own social media page with the contest description pinned on their social media pages. Now, arrange your application according to this order;

  • Screenshot that proves that you shared the post with the contest description.
  • Add another screenshot proving that you followed their social media page.
  • Then, answer the question of where you found out about the Ivypanda contest.

Attach them to the essay you have written and submit it to You are free to request for more help. We’d love to hear from you and also render help in any area.

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