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Apply Halmstad university scholarship with free visa into Sweden. However, Sweden and Switzerland citizens are ineligible for this program. More to that, our role centered around Masters program only. So, beware of that before application.

This era has presented the trail of travelling to several countries without a tagged Travel Visa. Now, you can dive from one country to another in disguise of studies or research program without paying a dime. Still on that motion, students study in any of their dream land as numerous scholarships has been distributed for foreign students at graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

As we are on this very scholarship offered by Halmstad University in partnership with Swedish Institute, you will discover how to apply Halmstad scholarship with free visa into Sweden. First thing first, before you proceed with the choice contemplation, recognize the scholarship features first. You shouldn’t adhere to next instruction if you are from Sweden or Switzerland. Meanwhile, you are free to forward the application form provided that your dual citizenship is not in anywhere related to the mentioned ineligible countries.

If you are a citizen of Switzerland or Sweden and also a citizen of another country, then use the country’s citizenship evidence for application. Most of all, this highlighted opportunity is for Graduate program only. Students ready for Master’s programs are urged to fast-forward their educational background to the certification of this degree with Halmstad University Scholarship with free visa.

Therefore, you are welcomed as you are ready to apply for halmstad scholarship with free visa for graduates on any field of course available in the university. Note that your institution remains in Sweden, Halmstad precisely. Grant your wish by yourself with this application that will  bring about peaceful cohabitation among you and other scholarship recipients.

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Eligibility Criteria Halmstad Scholarship 

Interestingly, students were not previously informed on the criteria for choosing an applicant. Well, we are here for you and the success of the application. These instructions and requirements below are the demanded prerequisites from any aspirant. Therefore, adhere strictly to all the instructions for the betterment of the scholarship approval

  • As an applicant, you must apply before April once the link drops to your email dm
  • Then, you were informed on the country eligibility. So, you shouldn’t apply if you are a citizen of Switzerland and Sweden
  • More so, eligible level of study is just the Master’s. Graduate program is covered here with a comfortable award distributed to student individuals
  • A transcript proof of previous program; undergraduate precisely
  • Your university admission number will be included to the application portal also.

Eligible Countries

Certain countries are always positioned in mind when any scholarship is being created and revealed. However, this scholarship by Swedish Institute is an international attributed scholarship for different students from any part of this life to come together as one with the intent of obtaining course program from one body, institution and country.

Swedish single-handedly took up this opportunity in raising foreign students while it improves the popularity and reputation of the country. Its a team sponsored scholarship with its award as monthly allowance assured, half-tuition provision, accommodation, academic fees and other sorts of academic expenses covered.

Interestingly, diverse students are eligible for the scholarship and its application plus enlistment, apart from Switzerland and Sweden itself. As its an international scholarship, Sweden citizens are not permitted for any sort of application. But foreign students heading on for the application must at present not obtaining or gaining from any scholarship.

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Apply Halmstad Scholarship with Free Visa

Provided that the application portal is open for application, you will start from filling an interest form. Afterwards, the criteria for selection will be imposed on your documentation. If you were selected, an email with scholarship application form link will be emailed to your provided mail inbox. After that, you are to apply before the scholarship deadline.

Search the website properly in order to gain informed on the scholarship documentations. However, as this scholarship is an online application, all of its materials must be scanned and uploaded in pdf file format not over 25MB. Submit them alongside the application form, it shouldn’t go separately. All moves in together.

However, the institution sends email to all accepted students. They sends it individually with link for locating the application form. So if suddenly, you haven’t received an email (for 2022 applicants) or didn’t receive an email (for next applicants), your presence wasn’t approved.

You can now apply here at  .

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