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Apply GT Bank Card | GTB ATM Card Application is already elucidated in this article so that all the GT bank customers can go to their branches and apply or just use their mobile phone to apply on the go.

Are you a GT bank customer but haven’t activated an ATM card for online services? This is how to apply for a card in this bank and get it instantly activated within 2 hours. For a customer to be able to log onto the bank’s mobile banking app or shop online, this debit card must be involved. I’m so sure that your question now must be “how much will I keep for GTBank ATM card application?”. Chill, you will find all the answers here.

However, there are immense benefits that comes from being a holder of this card. If you will allow Loginhour, detailed list of the benefits will be mentioned below. On the other hand, there are different types of GT Bank ATM cards with their respective charges that you can apply. We have the Naira GT bank card denominated in Naira and accepted anywhere around the country. See others below.

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Top Benefits of GT Bank ATM Card

There are rewards that come with the debit card. Whether with Naira MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard, Dollar debit card, Visa Dollar debit card, GT Instant card, or the Visa classic credit card, these rewards are bound to happen.

  • First of all, you will be able to live your lifestyle because these cards makes it easier for you to reach your goals.
  • On the other hand, the access offered by the card is actually incomparable.
  • With your GTBank card, transactions will be completed without going into any bank hall.
  • 24/7 accessibility with 100% security.
  • Only with your card pin, thousands of money will be moved from your account to other accounts.
  • Top up your network with our new cards once the bank account is funded.
  • Pick any of the cards that met your choice of lifestyle and link them to your GTbank account.
  • Notwithstanding, there are charges to pay monthly for any of the cards chosen.
  • However, I hope you know that these cards charges vary according to their names and features? If yes, check the details below to apply GT Bank card online.

Why we Love GTBank Card?

Here is the answer to this question. These cards makes it easier for you to reach your family life goals once you have the right card. Since we are here to help you make a choice and also have one, these things will make you a qualified customer.

  • You must have a verified and valid GT bank account. If you don’t have an account in this bank, go to any of the nearest branches with your passport, proof of utility bills, NIN, or any identification card.
  • At least two thousand naira must be in your account for this application to be a success.
  • If you care to learn the features, read more at or meet any of our staffs for explanations.
  • Hope you know that these cards are created to inspire? Upon that, it is accepted worldwide.
  • Apply GT bank card now to enjoy premium benefits from a premium card.
  • Are you ready to use this card now? Right after you walk in, these are the steps to take.

How to Apply GT Bank Card

Fill in GT bank card application form with the mentioned details so that a card will be awakened in your name. Activate the card right after you walk into the bank.

  • Move straight to a customer’s service desk.
  • Talk to any of our support staff about your interest to own a card.
  • Accept the form and fill.
  • Get ready to lose a few naira for this application.
  • Submit the form and wait to be verified.
  • Choose a card PIN for your ATM card by following the instructions of the staff.
  • You can now use your card for withdrawal, checking account balance, moving money to other banks, and topping up airtime.

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How to Activate GT Bank Card

When a card is issued to customers, the next thing is to get the card verified. Once you are called upon;

  • Move to the machine that looks like a POS.
  • Enter any choice of four digits that you can easily remember, for your card.
  • Confirm your choice of PIN by entering the PINs again.
  • Once it is chosen by the device, you will be asked to.
  • From then, you can make use of your card for any form of transaction provided that you are able to make use of it on an Automated Teller Machine. Meanwhile, you can still make use of it using a POS.

How to Transfer Money from a GTBank ATM

Slot the ATM card when you reach the ATM:

  • Enter your chosen card PIN.
  • Choose your account type ( Savings or Current ).
  • Select the transaction you want to make.
  • Choose the amount and send.

Remember that you will be making the choices with the buttons positioned at the both sides of the ATM.

For further inquiries, go to to get all the details that you need

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