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Apply entrance international award in Canada now to grab this grant that is already positioned for students coming forward to the 2022/2023 study session. This Entrance award set by Sault college will help you obtain bachelor’s degree for free.

Entrance international award is a scholarship scheme created for international students that are intending to attain a Bachelor’s degree in any possible way. These students must be needy and also interested to study abroad. This time you will study in Canada and for free. As you must know, this award is for both home and foreign students.

You will start and complete your studies at Sault College. In as much as Sault college is the sole facilitator of the scholarship, they still undertake selected students to forward their studies here in Canada. Do not worry about your flight ticket, these agents will take care of that.

For now, let us focus on how to apply entrance international award scholarship in Canada for all freshmen that are set to start up a new higher institution degree. You will be selected for sure but one thing that you shouldn’t take for granted is the level of your academic potential.

If you cannot render a satisfactory result at end of each semester, do not stress yourself applying because you will stop being funded when results are poor. You can apply keeping this in mind, the award will be taken at Sault College in Canada. Hope you are ready to stay away from home for a while?

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Apply Entrance International Award in Canada

We won’t mind showing you how to apply this scholarship but it will be nice showing you all the rules guiding the scholarship so you can check and confirm your eligibility. So, we will proceed now. Let’s start by stating all eligibility criteria that must be covered by international and home applicants before an application comes considerable.

  • Within you, you must have an interest in indulging in a full-time study. Not studying and working.
  • On the other hand, your study level must focus on a post-secondary degree program because that is what beneficiaries, successful beneficiaries are certified with.
  • Head onto the scholarship page with boldness when you have applied for admission into the university and got an unconditional enrollment letter from the university.
  • Courses available for candidates are post-secondary programme subjects available in Sault college.
  • Application for the scholarship demands submitting all documents linking to the scholarship.

These are all the students must take note of. For more details, keep going down. Your questions will be answered here,

Participating University

Your place of study is no other place other than Sault College in Canada. You will enroll in post-secondary coursework available in the institution and then get an unconditional admission letter to study as a full-time student.

On the other hand, we wish to remind you that your application shouldn’t be applied any later than the due date. If you are interested in proceeding with the methods shown here on how to apply for entrance international awards in Canada, use the comment box below to indicate so that the application deadline will be reminded for you.

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Supporting Application Documents

Supporting documents are additional archives demanded by Sault College for all interested applicants. These documents will help validate your application and prove how eligible you are for this scholarship.

  • English proficiency test
  • Recent detailed Resume.
  • Admission letter from Sault college.
  • Transcript of your previous study qualifications
  • Passport photograph.
  • Your National ID
  • Government issued ID that will prove your nationality.

Download Entrance International Awards Form

It is already assured and reassured that international students that got selected for this scholarship will enjoy $4,000 award, free accommodation, tuition fee waiver, health insurance, and lots of other goody-goodies. Getting awareness of the scholarship benefits has glued so many students’ interest in it and luckily, most students graduated with this offer.

In effect, proceed with the application when you launch Click on Apply Now when you scroll down a bit. Sign in the application portal with your student ID. That is why you must get admission before commencing your scholarship application. Login and fill out your application form. Submit afterward.

Congratulations! Is there any challenge you are having that you would want us to know about? Use the comment box below for that.

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