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Apply Concordia presidential scholarship to start off next higher academic session having all your academic expenses covered. That said, this program emphasizes on funding eligible students fully. How are you eligible?.

Concordia presidential scholarship is a scholarship dedicated to international students that wants to study in Canada. At this point, you will not only study in Canada but also pursue your life dream for free. That said, international students will move into the great city of Canada to proceed a fresh undergraduate pursuit so as to be certified with a legit certificate for the training taken.

Due to that, we felt like unveiling to all interested applicants that this service is a fully funded. Prior to that, all beneficiaries will have all their academic costs covered. They will enjoy tuition fee waiver and some other relative and valuable costs; including their health care. So, if you are interested, all you need to do is to apply Concordia presidential scholarship with the procedures shown on this page.

Above all, study their terms and conditions so that their requirements or eligibility criteria will be clear to you. Most of all, foreign applicants that are so sure of applying from a non-English speaking countries must provide their English competency test which is officially checked online. In that case, applicants must undergo the English proficiency test so as to demonstrate their test on the application portal while applying.

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Place of Study

Aspirants will study in Canada but the university that they will understudy their field is at Concordia university. The university unlocked subjects that points at different potentials so that students can pick their preferred courses and study. In that case, learn more of the prerequisites so that you will enjoy the grant after a prompted application.

Eligible Subjects:

All undergraduate studies were made available for international students. So, take any of the studies that reflects your life career and study for free with the help of fully funded Concordia presidential scholarship. Don’t bother much because it is an online application.

Scholarship Documents

There are documents that you must submit alongside your application form so as to validate your application. It might interest you to know all the documents that you must scan and attach to your form. See them below:

  • Current CV
  • Personal Statement portraying how you will use your certificate to positively influence the community.
  • Academic Transcripts.
  • English proficiency test.

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Requirements from Students

Hello, check out the requirement from students so that you will apply to get successful results.

  • Applicants that are from Canada are not eligible. You must be an international students.
  • More to that, you must agree to be a full time student in the scholarship program.
  • On the other hand, late application is not acceptable and you must follow the procedure for application.
  • However, you must submit the application documents as required.
  • No multiple applications.

Have you seen the requirements from students? See how to apply the fully funded Concordia presidential scholarship now.

Apply Concordia Presidential Scholarship

This is how to apply the fully free scholarship; you will provide all the documents. Submit the application documents after you have scanned the documents. Visit – to apply the scholarship. After application, these are scholarship awards that awaits all the beneficiaries:

  • Special fund for textbooks and other related books.
  • Tuition fee waiver.
  • Living cost.
  • Accommodation.

The mentioned are not all, you will encounter more funding during your program provided that you will maintain satisfactory grades during your studies. You can make inquiries if you want to.

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