Apply 2022/2023 Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

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Find yourself in a prosperous world when you apply 2022/2023 Mastercard foundation scholars program for Africans and Lebanese. That said, certain countries are qualified while others are ineligible. Check other eligibility criteria here before applying.

Mastercard scholarship is a program that has created several scholars that are currently dispersed in several areas of life. The scholarship application routine that we intend to show you now is the 2022/2023 session. This session is the present considerable session applied for. So all international students that are eligible for this scholarship should stay still and discover how this scholarship is being applied.

At this point, welcome to a page that will give you an elucidated guide on how to apply 2022/2023 Mastercard foundation scholars program for international students. Go through the prerequisites and ensure that you submit all demanded application documents. Above all, all required documents must be scanned and uploaded according to required storage size.

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Eligible Level of Study

Whether you are applying from Lebanon or Africa, your field of study must be intending for a graduate degree ( Masters ). If you are not a postgraduate aspirant, do not proceed with the application. Nevertheless, serious entrants are advised to apply before 18th March, 2023 which is the due date.

Place of Study

American University of Beirut will undertake all chosen international students before any training is proceeded. That said, you must pass through the scholarship screening before you walk your way into the participating university.

Field of Study Accessible

All the postgraduate field of study available at the American University of Beirut is accessible by international students that were selected as beneficiaries. That said, you must log onto the university’s page to discover all their eligible courses to ensure availability of your coursework.

Moreover, there are more highlights concerning courses. Students are highly mandated to apply same coursework taken during their first level. So, if your undergraduate course is not available in the university, do not care to apply. Besides, this university has over 500 courses for postgraduates so yours must be inclusive.

Requirements from International Students

International students that are interested in studying abroad with this scholarship should go through the qualification criteria place for them before seeing how to apply 2022/2023 Mastercard foundation scholars program . After you’ve had these requirements covered, you are good to go!. Therefore:

  • International applicants are advised to come from only Africa and Lebanon because these are the only two considerable and eligible countries.
  • More to that, your level of study must only point at graduate level. That said, only postgraduate applicants are welcomed.
  • Do you know that you can apply this scholarship online? We will render a tutorial on how to do that and then watch you apply for it.
  • Above all, ensure that all required documents are present and valid.
  • To apply for any scholarship, ensure that you are not currently receiving any valid scholarshi grant.
  • It is a fully funded scholarship that requires every beneficiary to use satisfactory academic records as feedback.

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Now that you have a clue of how Mastercard foundation program goes, it is time to forego the application. Take the measures shown below into action.

Apply 2022/2023 Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

You will be a part of a family that enjoys financial freedom, academic freedom, accommodation waiver, and most of all, high-rated degree in the society. Provided that you are ready to go back to your country and change their view about most things, you are eligible to visit for application.

Then, let’s add the fact that your employment record that will prove your work experience will be submitted, others are certificates for degrees covered. Congratulations in advance.

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